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Minecraft Server Information


Our Rules:

Don’t ask for OP – You will NOT get it. The highest rank you can get is VIP. Other than that the highest rank is  Owner or Admin – and you don’t get that. If you don’t speak nicely in the chat you will be KICKED!


CreepySuperZombie, The_Unusual_Gold, MalteMarcus and Fodermester

VIP Features: 

VIP Lobby Access,

VIP Chat tag,

All pets except from Ender Dragons, Giants and Withers,

Trails, Rainbow Armor and Balloons:

To get a trail type “/trails”
This will open a Trail GUI

To get Rainbow Armor you type “/rainbow me rainbow”
This will give you rainbow armor.

To get Random Rainbow Armor you type “/rainbow me random”
This will give you random rainbow armor.

To get a balloon you type “/balloon gui” in the chat.
This will give you a balloon

Hub ONLY Commands:

Disguise as mobs and blocks.

To disguise as a mob you type “/d” in the chat.
This will disguise you as the written mob.

To disguise as a block you type “/bd” in the chat.
This will disguise you as the written block.


You Can Buy [VIP] Here

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